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About Us

About the Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Philosophy, Goal and Objectives

The aims of the Faculty are, among others, to serve as agency for development through research into areas of modernization of indigenous technologies in relation to socio-economic and cultural realities of the world and to educate and graduate students with adequate academic background integrated with sufficient technological and field training necessary for the challenges of Environmental Development and Management. This is in line with the University’s philosophy which is to produce graduates that are well grounded in the basic theoretical and practical aspects of their disciplines. Emphasis is placed on how to identify problems and opportunities; innovation and invention; effective and efficient utilization of production resources for optimum effect; and self-reliance. To this end, all the programmes in the Faculty are technological and computer oriented. The faculty also works closely with cognate faculties within the University, and agencies concerned with the environmental sciences within and outside Nigeria.


The Departments in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences are:

i.                    Department of Architecture

ii.                  Department of Building

iii.                Department of Estate Management

iv.                Department of Fine and Applied Arts

v.                  Department of Surveying and Geoinformatics

vi.                Department of Urban and Regional Planning